a journey of self-discovery and actualization

unlock your gifts

Amplify your radiance & unleash your magnetism by discovering 4 key gifts in your cosmic blueprint.

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Illuminating You is a unique journey into your 4 prime gifts, shared in a way that is simple, easy to understand and multilayered.  Blending the wisdom from Human Design, Gene Keys and Astrology to support self-discovery, awakening and illumination from within. 

knowledge becomes wisdom when we embody it.

simplicity + Embodiment

I see too many coaches overcomplicating these magical systems, which ends up causing you to feel like you need to know EVERYTHING before you are able to self-actualize and show up in fully authentic and aligned ways. 

The over-complication causes a contraction in the system, which is the opposite of unlocking your magic!

I am here to share these profound layers of your chart in a simple and coherent way that allows you to learn, understand and integrate in your own way ~ on your own timeline.

It's time to explore what the gifts feel like in your system, so you can attune to them and discover the most natural ways for you to express them.

Somatic Soul Alignment is the pathway to magnetizing life to you through embodied self-expression and discovery.


This is for the soul who is ready to shine in their authenticity + show up for life unapologetically free.

The way in which you are designed to thrive is completely unique to you, and it's already alive within. Unfortunately we have spent much of our lives being told that everything we need to become successful is outside of ourselves. 

It is not so, Dear One.
You already the carry the codes.
It's time to remember them.

Learn about the ways in which your soul come here to express itself.

Immerse yourself in the wisdom that is already coded within. 
Unlock your gifts and release the shadows preventing you from 
embodying them fully.

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omg, are you ready for this?

About your guide.

Joanna Haines

transformational guide + spiritual mentor

Joanna is highly skilled Transformational Guide + Facilitator, offering her clients a unique blend of therapeutic mentorship, energy mapping + channelled Akashic wisdom to support the journey of returning home to wholeness.

She walks in deep devotion to mystical and ancient wisdoms, and skillfully weaves them together with Somatic therapies and nervous system healing. She has studied Human Design, Astrology and the Gene Keys with 4 world renowned teachers and weaves together her own unique perspective and wisdom into her teachings.

Joanna is a gifted space holder and is on a sacred mission to empower and support her clients in resourcing themselves, leaning into self-trust + soul alignment; and from this place co-creating a life filled with possibility

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The pillars of this experience.

Discover your Life's Work and what you are here to express so you can confidently show up in your life

Examine a key lesson you came here to integrate to support your evolution + expansion so you can meet resistance in a new way

Unlock the gifts that amplify your radiance + support healing your lineage so you can stop repeating the same lessons

Connect to the gifts that support the alignment to your purpose and deepen your WHY so you can drop self doubt and lean into trust

Access deeper integration of these 4 gifts through your Profile lines so you can integrate the archtypes you are here to express

Understand yourself more intimately and from that place drop into deeper self love, acceptance and unapologetic freedom.

You are here to be fully expressed and radiate your preciousness; this radical act of self-love expands your capacity to experience all life has to offer you.

you are wildly unique.

We also explore the impact of 

planetary placement

The placement of your conscious sun points towards what you are here to embody and use in order to evolve and live out your fullest life mission. This is the fuel through which all other gifts are enlivened and sprinkled with.

The unconscious sun helps you understand your shadow by showing you aspects which you may reject in yourself. This is deeply connected to your  ancestral lineage . When you reclaim these fragmented parts you integrate and remember more of your innate wholeness + power.

The conscious earth placements is what is here to ground you and support you in fortifying the foundation from which to thrive from.  This helps you embrace the gifts from your conscious sun as well as the places where you can create more resiliency in your life.

The unconscious earth reveals the places you can unlock more spiritual depth. This is a portal of healing and medicine for the spirit, alchemy for the wounds carried with in the memory of body. When you embrace and liberate yourself here, you experience a deeper layer of unconditional Love.

What's Inside this Course

You get access to the following

Deep Dive into 4 Prime Gifts

14 Videos + additional PDF's to deepen understanding

Practices to support integration

BONUS: Access to Human Design 101 which includes 30+ videos explaining your Human Design chart. (Value $300)

Exploration of profile lines (deeper essence) of each Gift.

Discount on 1:1 session (optional)


I'm Ready!

1. Do I need to have previous understanding or experience?

Nope! This course is designed to support people at all stages of their self-actualization and discovery journey. Everything is laid out in a simple way for easy access and understanding. For those who have deeper knowledge of their charts already, they will benefit from the unique perspective and wisdom that Joanna weaves into this offering.

1. How do I access my discount code for a private session?

Simple! Just reach out to Joanna via email letting her know you've enrolled in this course and she will send you a link to receive your discount code and booking.

1. How quickly should I move through the course?

This is entirely up to you ~ and your own pace is perfect. Some love to listen to all of the videos first and then come back to each one to listen multiple times and go through the contemplative offerings. Others choose to savour each module before moving on to the next. There is no rush so tune into what feels right for you. 

1. Do you offer refunds?

No. Due to the nature of this offering, no refunds will be issued. Tune in and make an anchored, clear and resonate decision for yourself in this moment.