your magnetism...

Is connected to consciously shifting your attraction point, 
Creating a life in alignment with your deepest desires. 

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Your Heart is where your magnetism lies, it's attracting to you the very vibration you are carrying.

We often hinder our magnetism with outdated beliefs, blocks, doubt and worry, which not only slow down our manifestation power, but also keep us from a more joyful life.

It's time sweet soul! Let's use the portal of the Heart to connect to wholeness, inherent Soul wisdom + love. 

shift your attraction point


Have you ever desired something deeply, and felt into it, only to quickly be met with resistance, with hesitation, a sense of scarcity - that this desire is not available to you? 

I feel you and you are not alone.

But, it IS possible to shift this, through releasing layers around the Heart.
When we heal, we can allow the magnetism of your unique blueprint and energetics to guide you, and to lead you in creating a life in alignment, from heart, not ego.

Through this journey we will dive deep into Heart wisdom.

We will also explore the Human Design Gates + Gene Keys of the Heart, 
The energetics and science of attracting,
The frequencies of receiving,
Some tools to heal.

Opening up and activating the magnetism of 
YOUR Heart.


you are a living magnet

I invite you to ignite your unique Heart Frequencies

Your authenticity is magnetic

Spirit will provide whatever Soul requires to thrive. 
Are you brave enough and anchored enough into your truth, to hold your human through these initiations + expansions?

Clarity amplifies and speeds up what is provided for you, 
When you clear your field from distortions and limiting beliefs, 
you allow your authenticity and pure power to shine, 

You increase your capacity to attract and receive what it is you desire. It's a reclamation of your power.

Become pure magnetism for what it is you want. 

You Heart is the portal. 

And the time is now to connect deeply to the gifts it holds. 



By dismantling distortions around us,
we are free to return to our true essence.

This journey is very much about releasing and clearing, 
removing lower expressions of our genetic codes and choosing
to move towards the higher expressions.

Leading with Heart uncovers the magic of our most aligned path 

You being in your fullest expression is necessary for your expansion and co-creation, it's the ticket to getting where you want to go - with more ease. 

If you are tired of the same cycles of self doubt, and questioning your ability to create what it is you TRULY desire, I invite you into this journey together.
You'll experience confidence, clarity and the tools to help you move forward with a deeper sense of empowerment + connection to your intuition.
To your expanded heart.


Your heart is the portal,
it knows the way,
follow it.


omg, are you ready for this?

Some areas we will explore together 

Your Unique Creative Power + its Cycles

The Sacred Art of Self Expression 

Abundant + Aligned Support over Scarcity

Self Led Leadership + The Power of Certainty

Quieting Ego: Curiosity for Yourself + Others

Fluidity And Embracing Natural Rhythms 

Body Wisdom + Reverence 

Unconditional Love for All Aspects of Life + Yourself

Freedom: Clearing the Proverbial Box + Conditions

The Masculine + Feminine Aspects of Your Heart

A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.

It's safe to receive

What's Inside this Program?

We start July 13 and
You get access to the following

8 modules of teachings + transmissions

Lifetime access to recordings

EFT tapping, Akashic Clearings + Meditations 

Journal Prompts

Supportive mantra's for each lesson

Lifetime access (including any additions)

Optional 1:1 support 

Yes, I'm in!



1. Do you offer payment plans?

You bet! Option at checkout to pay in 2 instalments. 

2. Do I need to understand human design or the Gene Keys? 

Nope! Not even a little bit. We all experience ALL archetypes in our human experience, we will just experience them differently depending on our chart. Each area we explore will apply to everyone in different ways. 

Although this program pulls information from both of these modalities, it is a synthesis of many other teachings and is not limited to the information HD provides. 

3. How long do i have access to the course?

As long as you want! You have access to the course forever.

4. Do you offer refunds?

No, I do not offer refunds due to the nature of this work. I invite you to check in and feel into whether or not this course feels aligned for you.