it's time to remember.
you are the conduit for all you seek.
It's endless, continually flowing, and it comes from within.


Learn to access the Akashic Records for yourself and tap into a field that is full of an incredible amount of information for you.

There is an endless amount of information available to you through the Akashic Records, it's a powerful and healing frequency to attune to. 
In the Akasha, every thought, action, deed through all timelines, is stored. Think of it as a central store house, or library, of all the information there ever was, currently is, and ever will be..

In the past, access to the records were reserved for only Mystics, Saints, and Scholars,
however, as we have evolved and consciousness is shifting this is no longer the case. 

You, dear One, have access to this sacred relationship.

How you choose to work with the Akashic Realm will be unique to you. 
The questions you ask, the trust and willingness to lean into what you receive, 
and most importantly, how you choose to move forward with the information you receive.
What comes is always in response to your asking, to your intention, in this moment.

The Akashic Records offer a process to connect with the divine knowing of your soul in this moment.

I'm so excited you are here.

This container is ready to hold you, expand you, and witness you.

"Learning how to connect with the knowing of the Akashic Records is a process of trust and a process of learning to hear your truth.

By becoming comfortable with truth and trust within your own Records, you create the possibility of being able to hear and to receive truth and act within trust outside of the Akashic Records.

You are an amazing human being and have the capacity for greatness every day.

The Akashic Records want nothing more than to foster this independence that you may claim the deep truth of your deepest expression as a fully integrated spiritual-physical being."

- Cheryl Marlene 

the journey begins with you



"you open your akashic records not just for answers but to develop and refine your process of trusting yourself to receive the truth"

What magic it is to been seen anD held in the raw parts of the journey

Your time, awareness and on-point ability to tune in is such a guiding star. honestly, it's amazing how much lighter I feel after hour time together - what magic it is to been and held in the raw parts of the journey. You truly have a gift and I feel more empowered in mine after every time we meet. I appreciate you and the ways our journeys reflect.

it has allowed me to surrender

I just wanted to say that I'm thankful for your work. It has allowed me to fully surrender (with resistance at times!) but I'm right where I am meant to be. My soul truly knows it's time to heal and that I have the tools necessary to do so. Thank you again Joanna.

Through our time together we set deep intention and journey into your Records.
You will learn more than I can put language to, but some of the areas we will 
explore are:

➤ How to access and align to your own records, and accessing the records of 
others (level 2) (with their permission)

➤ How to clear patterns and blocks that may be limiting you

➤ How to read the Akashic records of all things, including your business,
physical spaces, animals, plants and lands (Level 2)

➤ Releasing attachments, agreements and contracts that may be 
keeping you stuck

➤ Accelerating your Soul's highest potential - aligning to amplified 
abundance on multiple layers

➤ How to receive information from other lives to support us. more deeply in 
this one.

➤ Cultivating deeper trust from within + amplifying creative gifts

➤ How to use the Akashic Records in your business (should you so desire)

what you will learn

The sanctity of this container I am creating for you is deeply meaningful for me. I believe the records call you when you are ready, and I will never forget when I began my own {conscious} journey with the Akashic Realm.
And here I am, years later. Working FOR the Akashic Records.
A deep honour.

so if you are reading this, 
trust yourself.
you were led here. 

If you are feeling the pull to these frequencies, 
you need do nothing more than to say yes.

I can't wait to guide and support you.


gorgeous human


You are here to rise and live an extraordinary life.

Believe it.