A journey through your energetic blueprint
to liberate, heal, shift and align to your highest timeline.

This intimate 1:1 journey is an opportunity to tap into what is alive in you in this moment, 
and together, clarifying what needs to shift in order to support you.

to explore where you are feeling stuck,
to investigate and inquire into aspects of yourself seeking nourishment,
to be with old traumas + experiences in the system in a new way,
to examine beliefs systems and the foundations they are standing on,

to meet yourself where you are IN THIS MOMENT, over and over again,
so that you can connect more deeply to your life force energy,
your creativity, and arguably most importantly, your joy.

Through journeying with many clients I have come to notice 
that thoughtful structure in our longer journeys is potent,
it allows us to flow, but also to be guided and held with intention. 

Think of this as the sacred masculine holding space, 
for the divine feminine to journey and experience ALL aspects of Self.

This is where I use potent modalities to bring a certain structure to the container.
The power of this structure is that it is uniquely guided by YOUR specific blueprint.

Using your Human Design chart, the gates and their planet placements,
 along with Astrological archetypes + meanings, as entry points, 
we explore with deep curiosity and compassion,
any life experiences / traumas / beliefs that may be preventing you from  accessing and embodying the highest expression of your gifts. 

Often where your gifts + power lie is where energy can get trapped, 
(this can also be called shadow or trauma),
these modalities allow us to dive right into places that may be hidden from the conscious mind.

We use the wisdom of the body to support liberation + healing. 

When we remember + connect to our innate and natural gifts,
our true essence,
our purpose and passion in this life time become more present + embodied. 

 We flow with the current of life, 
in all its expressions and undulations, 
with a deepened presence, gratitude, and anchored sense of peace.

we effort less



“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it Fate.” 

- Carl Jung

What magic it is to been seen anD held in the raw parts of the journey

Your time, awareness and on-point ability to tune in is such a guiding star. honestly, it's amazing how much lighter I feel after hour time together - what magic it is to been and held in the raw parts of the journey. You truly have a gift and I feel more empowered in mine after every time we meet. I appreciate you and the ways our journeys reflect.

it has allowed me to surrender

I just wanted to say that I'm thankful for your work. It has allowed me to fully surrender (with resistance at times!) but I'm right where I am meant to be. My soul truly knows it's time to heal and that I have the tools necessary to do so. Thank you again Joanna.

Through our time together we set deep intention.
We compassionately inquire into your beliefs, traumas, + samskaras, 
and most importantly, we create a safe and sacred space to be curious, witness,
release, laugh, .and be present to, 
everything and anything that wishes to surface. 

All of this so you can...

… consciously create + experience life the way you desire to
… be in tune and attuned to your unique gifts, 
… connect more deeply to your intuition, 
… resource yourself in the most beautiful way, 
… express yourself rooted + empowered
… step more fully into your highest timeline.
… trust your body wisdom
… gain clarity into fear vs intuition
… liberate yourself from past stories
… create new neural pathways that are in alignment with your current desires 
… experience more joy + freedom in your daily life

This is a journey of connecting to your most authentic Self. 
When we are rooted in our truth, our authenticity, 
it allows us to experience success in all areas of our life.
Personal. Spiritual. Career.

Nothing is separate, it's all connected.

liberation. expansion. awakening.

we meet 3 times a month, for 3, 6 or 9 months.
one week each month is for integration.

3 x mentorship calls a month
these will be a blend of whatever is needed.
voxer support M - F

you will also receive
Frequency + Distance Healing
personalized sankalpa journey
access to my courses

3 month journey $3800
6 month journey $6800
9 month journey $8800

*payment plans available

the journey.

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“You’ve truly changed my life this year, and I’m so grateful for your guidance. I feel like I’m on the right track, and you’ve really helped me on my way. I feel confident and inspired to follow my dreams and make a special impact. Thankful for you”





“You have empowered me to tap back into myself. I have a better understanding of who I am, what I need to work on, and how to work on it. I have to share with you that your energy is so warm, bright and magnetic and I am so grateful to be working with you.”





“Working with Joanna feels like an incredibly safe space to be me and share my thoughts and feelings. I am also able to step into my true power knowing that I will be truly supported, no matter what life throws at me. Joanna has been the biggest difference in my life, and I highly recommend her to any human person who is seeking to live a more grandiose life. We only get one, might as well spend it the best we can!”


The light in me, truly bows to the light in you. 
And in my own journey, I have travelled through much darkness to access more love, light and expansion in my daily existence.
 In my co-creation on this sacred journey,
I know there is nothing to fear in the darkness, 
for it is a pathway to liberation, freedom, 
and deeper connection with my centre.
It is my birthright to experience joy + expansion in this lifetime, as it is yours.
My deepest wish is for you to reconnect with your authentic essence, so you can shine bright.

I can't wait to walk along side you.


gorgeous one


You are here to rise and live an extraordinary life.

Believe it.