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A multi-passionate somatic practitioner,  mentor, (eternal) student, and teacher. 

It is my honour to  sit with you in this journey and provide a sacred container for us to be curious together. You are a treasure to be explored, and I am passionate about supporting my clients in self-awareness and self-understanding. 

I believe there are many paths towards healing, liberation and freedom,. This will look different for each individual; because, your path, just like you, is unique and precious. Differentiation and uniqueness are things to be celebrated, and embodied. The world does not always reflect this back to us, but your flow state lives in the ease of who you are here to be. 

I have alchemized many experiences, (some very painful and some beautiful beyond my wildest dreams) into opportunities for deeper inner wisdom, healing and self empowerment.

I have integrated and embodied many trainings, certifications and transformations of my own. And through using these tools and modalities for myself, I have experienced life changing shifts.

My trainings consist of: Triple Vagal Method ™️, Compassionate Inquiry, Somatic Experiencing, Hakomi Method, Human Design Specialist, Akashic Record Reader + Teacher, Certified Transformational Life Coach, Yoga Nidra Teacher, EFT practitioner, Soul Flow Embodiment Facilitator.

I am here to share this magic - in a way that is meaningful and supportive to you.
To help root you deeply into your Sovereign self, so you can move into ways of being and expressing your creative life force energy in a way that serves you deeply;  connecting you to the grace  life is here to share with you. 

Here, everything and anything is welcome. The reclamation of the WHOLE self means leaving no part behind. 

My journey to this place has been a long and beautiful road. I’m devoted to my own healing + expansion so that I can show up and serve the gorgeous humans who are ready. I’m truly so honoured to connect with you here. 

Hi, i'm Joanna Haines

I believe in balance. I live a life that inspires me. My love language is acts of service. I ski. I scuba. I yoga. I hike. I dance. I'm honest. Often overly honest. Dinner parties are my favourite. Actually, travelling is my favourite. I’m a proud mother. I've lived in London, Thailand and the Middle East. I now live in Calgary. One day I’ll live in Europe again. I have a big family. Hot drinks are life. And so are Margs. I am easily distracted. I’m a 6/2 Manifesting Generator. My sacral is my internal gps. I google a lot. I daydream.

to sum me up

the akashic records offer a process to connect with the diving knowing of your soul in this moment

Learn to access the Akashic Records for yourself and tap into a field that is full of an incredible amount of information for you.

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