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Your multi-passionate mentor + biggest cheerleader. 

I provide Soul Alignment + Spiritual Mentorship, to support you in all the ways you didn’t even know you needed. To connect you with your soul essence, so you can start to live the life you came here to experience. 

I’ve walked the path. 

I have alchemized many experiences, (some very painful and some beautiful beyond my wildest dreams) into opportunities for deeper inner wisdom, healing and self empowerment.
I have integrated and embodied many {many!} trainings, certifications and transformations of my own. (Embodiment Facilitator, Human Design Specialist, Akashic Record Reader, Certified Transformational Life Coach, EFT practitioner to list a few)

And I am here to share this magic with you. 
To root you deeply into your Sovereign self, so you can rise, unapologetically. 

I know it’s all available for you because I’ve done it. 

I lead with Love. I create a safe and non-judgemental space for my clients. AND I believe in full accountability and sovereignty. Meaning, I will challenge you, I will hold a mirror for you, and I will not allow you to lose yourself in victimhood. I like to keep things real + honest. No BS. And... I will laugh + celebrate with you ~ for every single milestone.

I blend the practical + the spiritual. Actionable steps + Source wisdom. The doing + the receiving.
I believe in a holistic approach to transformation. Simply because - it works.

My journey to this place has been a long and beautiful road. I’m devoted to my own healing + expansion so that I can show up and serve the gorgeous humans who are ready. 
I’m so honoured to connect with you here. 

Are you ready to connect to your soul wisdom and ascend into your highest expression? 

Let’s move together. The journey of self-actualization begins now.

Hi, i'm Joanna Haines

I believe in balance. I live a life that inspires me. My love language is acts of service. I ski. I scuba. I yoga. I hike. I dance. I'm honest. Often overly honest. Dinner parties are my favourite. Actually, travelling is my favourite. I’m a proud mother. I've lived in London, Thailand and the Middle East. I now live in Calgary. One day I’ll live in Europe again. I have a big family. Hot drinks are life. And so are Margs. I am easily distracted. I’m a 6/2 Manifesting Generator. My sacral is my internal gps. I google a lot. I daydream.

to sum me up

My favourite things

My little fam jam - love them to pieces! 

Celebrating! Every step is worth a celebration (and a good meal!)

Being able to work from anywhere in the world is a dream come true

My little shadow. My best pal. Charlie.

Coffee in bed is a love language. 

Sunrises on the beach. 

A sunset beverage is pure heaven in my books.


aligning with your courage codes.

A beautiful course designed to move you towards inspired action. Cultivating deeper levels of trust, confidence and courage with Self ~ so you can rise and thrive... 

on your terms. 

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