welcome to this life changing experience.

"What is this power we call Life,

Appearing as the play of flesh and breath? 

How may I know this mystery and enter it more deeply?"

Imagine waking up every morning knowing that you are divinely supported and infinitely worthy, just as you are. 

Anchored in confidence and trust, you show up for life, fully.

Continuing to move towards the ever evolving expansion of your path, navigating the challenges with more ease and grace ~ so you can show up on purpose & and in alignment with your truest desires.

You no longer force.

You know the depths of Self, and the power that resides within. 

You were born worthy.
the only thing that has shifted is your perspective.

If I can remember, 
so can you.

I see you in big ways.
I’ve been there myself.

And the good news? 

This all gets to 

constantly looking around you, comparing yourself to others + the way they are showing up in life. Feeling like everyone else has it figured out.






feeling as though everyone else around you is living their dream life, but you are stuck in an outdated timeline. Repeating the same steps, learning the same lessons? 

afraid to show up in all the ways that you are truly desiring to because you are worried how the world will receive you? Or worse, that they may reject you.

your past limits you

frustrated that the past experiences are holding you back from envisioning a new way of experiencing life. You are ready to liberate yourself.

I'm so happy you've been guided here.

This journey is an opportunity to sink into deep and unapologetic confidence, letting go of constantly questioning yourself. Through cultivating an unwavering trust with Self, you are able to wake up feeling grounded and anchored in your truth, your life, and the way in which you show up in the world. 

Together we discover what is seeking your attention, to bring light to the shadow, so that these patterns are no longer guiding you in misaligned ways. 

We explore where you are feeling stuck, working to liberate + alchemize 
anything that is ready to release so that you can show up in your radiance and authenticity. 

We investigate and inquire into aspects of yourself seeking nourishment,
gifting our presence to what it is that is arising during our time together. When we meet deeper layers and parts of ourselves, we befriend fragmented pieces that we have forgotten. In doing so we are able to gift nourishment in the form of compassion, curiosity and presence to those neglected parts of ourselves. 

We gently guide the nervous system back into a more regulated state,
expanding your capacity to respond to life in supportive + aligned ways. Because life is going to throw you some challenges along the way, and these tools will support you in being able to navigate those with more empowerment, less reactive spinning. 

We lovingly tend to old traumas + experiences and carefully navigate the release of some of these imprints in your system. When we clear space in our bodies for new stories to unfold, we get to experience the unexpected miracles that are destined for us and reimagine our lives in exciting new ways. 

With curiosity we examine beliefs systems and the foundations they are standing on,
working to fortify the inner castle and deepen the connection to your center.  

All of this so you can meet this one precious life in a way that inspires you.

And ultimately, creating the legacy that you are here to share with the world and live the width of your life. 


“Find your true nature, unmeasured by the nature of others. Give yourself permission to be - unaltered, undiluted and unmodified. Do this, and at last you are free, and a dearly needed example of freedom. ” 

Jaiya John

What magic it is to been seen anD held in the raw parts of the journey

Your time, awareness and on-point ability to tune in is such a guiding star. honestly, it's amazing how much lighter I feel after hour time together - what magic it is to been and held in the raw parts of the journey. You truly have a gift and I feel more empowered in mine after every time we meet. I appreciate you and the ways our journeys reflect.

it has allowed me to surrender

I just wanted to say that I'm thankful for your work. It has allowed me to fully surrender (with resistance at times!) but I'm right where I am meant to be. My soul truly knows it's time to heal and that I have the tools necessary to do so. Thank you again Joanna.

I have reimagined and rebuilt my life in ways that have been unexpected and wildly fulfilling. I’ve created experiences and life circumstances that once were a far off dream. I have anchored in the life I used to think was only available to others. 

I weave together the mystical with the practical, the energetic with the somatic. The body is the bridge and the place where all of life is templed. My work offers you a chance to drop into an experiential space to reconnect with the multi-layers of Self. Through trauma-informed inquiry, somatic tools, breathwork, energy healing, channeled wisdom and transformational mentorship, you are guided back to right relationship with self. 

I can help you because I've walked the path.

empowered  &  aligned

Some pillars of this
 container are.

Nervous System

Channelled Akashic Wisdom

Inner Journeys

Somatic Experiencing + Compassionate Inquiry are used to guide a gentle yet profound opportunity to regulate and restore the nervous system.  Expanding our capacity to meet life in ways that feel supportive.  By allowing unfinished patterns to complete and free up trapped energy, we gain more access to our vitality,
and deepened sense of presence to our daily lives.

As an intuitive channel and one who works with the intelligence of the Akashic Records, there will be opportunity to receive wisdom from your guides and highest timeline as and when the moments feel right.

This offering is of course always optional, 
and nothing will ever be accessed or shared without your permission.

Through a unique blend of Shamanic practices, yoga Nidra and quantum transmissions, I guide you into your inner realms. Through these sacred healing journeys there is a profound opportunity to understand of the medicine of your soul as well as access the unified field, moving towards harmonic resonance + embodiment of your Essential and Awakened Self.

Energy Mapping

Transformational Life Coaching

Human Design + Astrology are ancient wisdom modalities used to gift ourselves deeper understanding to our energetic blueprint. 
By bringing awareness to the way in which we are designed to thrive, the archetypes we are here to work with and the specific ways we may access intuition,
we allow a beautiful entry point into being able to embody our authenticity.

Envisioning new possibilities for yourself and orienting towards a life you truly desire is a beautiful part of the journey. And sometimes we require a bit of strategy and tangible steps.
We spend time clarifying your authentic visions vs ones rooted in  conditioning, and begin to move towards them.
When you align with a heart centred vision - it shifts the way in which you ultimately manifest + co-create your vision.

about your guide.

Joanna is highly skilled Transformational Guide + powerful intuitive channel. She offers her clients a unique blend of therapeutic mentorship, energy mapping + channelled Akashic wisdom to support the journey of returning home to wholeness. She walks in deep devotion to mystical and ancient wisdoms, and skillfully weaves them together with Somatic therapies and nervous system healing. Joanna is a gifted space holder and is on a sacred mission to empower and support her clients in resourcing themselves, leaning into self-trust + soul alignment; and from this place co-creating a life filled with possibility.

consciously create + experience life the way you desire to

Are you willing to say yes?

experience more joy + freedom in your daily life

attune to your unique gifts

amplify your intuition + connection to spirit

resource yourself + your nervous system

express yourself rooted + empowered

feeling trust + reverence for your body 

increased clarity it all areas of life

envision new pathways that are in soul alignment

liberate yourself from past stories


You are in the drivers seat of how you get to experience life - letting go of the self doubt and moving from an empowered place.

Your gifts are things that come so naturally to you it's easy to forget that they are of deep value and exactly what you are here to express, it's time to remember. 

So you can tap into the endless support available to you and distinguish between fear and your intuition. 

So you can respond to life rather than react.   

So you wake up each day with more peace in your mind, knowing that you are on the right track and everything is working out in your favour, even during challenge.

So you can use your voice, your powerful manifestation center, in a meaningful and aligned way.

So you can make decisions and show up from a place of deep self-understanding 

So you can break free from the subconscious limits you have placed on yourself

So you can finally heal that which has been stored in your system and liberate yourself into new timelines and possibilities.

So you can finally appreciate your sacred vessel for all that it gifts you and allows you to experience in this life. 

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Bi-weekly Somatic Therapy + Nervous System
Support sessions (75-90 mins)

Email support M-F
Tools + Home practices
Personalized meditation / nidra

8 sessions over 4 months $2200


3 x therapeutic mentorship calls a month

these sessions can involve somatic therapy, quantum healing, akashic records, human design + astrology - a blend of it all.

voxer support M - F
Frequency + Distance Healing
access to my courses

$1200 / month.
4 month minimum commitment


There are two different ways to work together, both are incredibly supportive and share similarities. It will depend on where you are at and what your needs and desires are.
(if you are local to Calgary these can be in person in 2024)

Not sure which is a best fit for you? Book a clarity call and we can find out

the journey.

It is often possible to book single sessions, depending on how many clients I am currently working with. I do however prioritize longer journeys.


Simply because after working with many clients, I have found the devotion and commitment to continuous time together has created a deeper container and there is a unique energetic to it which allows so much more to unfold.  




“You’ve truly changed my life this year, and I’m so grateful for your guidance. I feel like I’m on the right track, and you’ve really helped me on my way. I feel confident and inspired to follow my dreams and make a special impact. Thankful for you”





“You have empowered me to tap back into myself. I have a better understanding of who I am, what I need to work on, and how to work on it. I have to share with you that your energy is so warm, bright and magnetic and I am so grateful to be working with you.”





“Working with Joanna feels like an incredibly safe space to be me and share my thoughts and feelings. I am also able to step into my true power knowing that I will be truly supported, no matter what life throws at me. Joanna has been the biggest difference in my life, and I highly recommend her to any human person who is seeking to live a more grandiose life. We only get one, might as well spend it the best we can!”


The light in me, truly bows to the light in you. 

These are some wild times we have found ourselves in. How strange it may feel, to enlist the support of another, in order to remember how to be more you. A paradox not lost on me.

In my own journey, I have travelled through much darkness to access more love, light and expansion in my daily existence., I have been lucky enough to sit with with healers, teachers and mentors who have realigned me to my own truth. It has been one of the most beautiful journeys I have ever ventured on.
A homecoming.

I know there is nothing to fear in the confusion or darkness, 
for it is a pathway to liberation, freedom, 
and deeper connection with one's centre.

It is my birthright to experience joy + expansion in this lifetime, as it is yours.
My deepest wish is for you to reconnect with your authentic essence, so you can shine bright.

I can't wait to walk along side you.


gorgeous one


You are here to rise and live an extraordinary life.

Believe it.