A sacred reclamation of the WHOLE Self.

aligned, empowered, emobodied.

Yes, I'm ready!

Hello Magical Human. Welcome!

It’s no mistake you are here, and I am so thrilled you have arrived.

I’m Joanna; a Somatic Therapy Practitioner, Certified + Trauma-Informed Mentor, Akashic Record + Human Design Guide.

I blend various therapeutic approaches with ancient mystical modalities + teachings.  I'm here to support my clients in releasing ways of being that are no longer serving. Together we unravel old stories, tenderly moving towards authentic expression, aligned co-creation and new ways of moving through life. Coming into harmonic resonance with your unique essence + expression. 

Through a combination of powerful modalities and unwavering compassion we create the most fertile foundation from which to thrive and create a life aligned with your purpose and joy. 

So much expansion awaits.

Don't dismiss what is possible simply because you haven't experienced it yet.

Liberate yourself from the outdated narratives and step fully into your power. Your light. 

yoga nidra - wholeness

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“I just wanted you to know that I really feel that working with you has been really life changing! I feel very positive about the future, I have more clarity about where I’m going! I understand myself more in regards to how I think about things and why I have been doubting myself so much over the years. I think you’re very knowledgeable and wise! I’ve incorporated healthy habits that make me feel powerful and I know that they are leading me in the right direction! So….. THANK YOU!!!”

- brett

"Working with you has been life changing!"

“You have seriously ignited something within me since our reading. I’m so grateful for it! The doubt and lack of confidence I was having before our call is gone!… It’s an amazing feeling to truly see what I love doing come to life!.. I’m getting a little teary eyed as I write this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

- Samantha

"It's an amazing feeling!"

Joanna's magic is undeniable. After watching from the peripheral for a long time (and obsessively liking and commenting on posts that spoke to me), I chose to jump ALL IN last spring. We've peeled back so many layers, healed, cried, laughed, levelled up, and reset old patterns & beliefs that were no longer serving me. She sees me on a level I can hardly put into words. My 12 week journey quickly turned into many more than that (and still going). A Journey I couldn't have even described a year ago has become something I can't live without. My confidence grew. My sense of self worth skyrocketed. And a love like no other has blossomed.

- ginny

"Magic I tell you. Pure Magic."

Thank you for recognizing that my soul and inner spirit needed a boost. I cannot explain in words what that means to me, you truly SAW me in a time of need. The past 6 months have been (hand on heart) life changing for me. You have positioned me onto a new path in life. 
You have empowered me to tap back into myself. I have a better understanding of who I am, what I need to work on, and how to work on it. I have to share with you that your energy is so warm, bright and magnetic and I am so grateful to be working with you.

- rebecca

"You have empowered me"

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