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Embrace your journey towards a transformed life through a regulated nervous system with TVM™ trauma healing sessions + personal retreats. 

Trauma has a profound impact on the human body. Whether experienced physically or emotionally, it is stored within the fascia.

Fascia is a complex network of connective tissue that holds the story of our past and the possibilities of our future.. If we are not healing from the past, we are carrying it with us into our future. While we cannot change what has occurred, we can absolutely change the way that we relate to our past and when we do this we unlock new potentials to co-create a bright and confident future.

When trauma occurs, particularly if it is intense or long-lasting, the fascia can become distorted and strained. This can lead to the formation of adhesions and contractions, trapping the energy of the trauma within the tissue. Over time, these stored traumas manifest as physical and emotional pain, creating a blockage that affects the body's overall well-being and leading to a disregulated nervous system which ultimately can manifest as poor physical and mental health. 

The Triple Vagal Method™ (TVM™) is a somatic bodywork that releases traumas in the body and regulates the nervous system in a fast and effective way. TVM works to free up trapped energy and stored memory of trauma, releasing deeply held patterns, restoring a sense of safety and harmony in the body, and promoting healing at a profound level. 

The healing journey offers a process to connect with the divine intelligence of the body, mind + spirit.

Healing trauma can have a profound impact on all areas of our lives and when we address the underlying root cause of our suffering, we may find improvements in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experiences.

 The body's ability to restore balance and regulate its systems is enhanced when the nervous system is no longer trapped in a state of reactive protection - and instead gets to return to it's natural flow.

By restoring the body's natural ability to self-regulate, individuals can find relief in many different areas in life. By freeing energy which was previously used trying to regulate a disregulated nervous system, the body instead gets to use this energy for empowerment, vitality, passion, purpose and joy. 

By addressing the root causes of our traumas, we create the potential for profound healing on multiple levels, allowing for greater overall well-being and vitality.

the journey begins with you

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As we resolve our trauma and rewire our nervous system, we begin to live in a more peaceful state. Here, we access the ability to shift our thought patterns,  increase our creative agency + re-imagine our lives.

We awaken to our potential.

/wire your nervous system.
/write your story.
/imagine your life.


I have access to a deeper layers of my self

"I started this work based on the recommendations of my therapist and I've found this work to be life changing. It allowed me to release and let go of trauma and to have access to a deeper layer of my self. I can physically feel the release and feel lighter after the session. And I stopped talking therapy sessions because I've found that this work has provided me with a heightened level of insights and intuition." 

I started laughing again... from my soul

Utilizing this modality (TVM™), I started to feel good in my body again. I started laughing again, real honest laughter that was really from inside of me. I wasn't trying anymore. I laughed from my soul, and then I realized I could look at myself again in the mirror without fear or pain. I realized I am beautiful. I didn't need to convince myself. I AM BEAUTIFUL!

success stories

As each client is unique and arrives with their own history, sessions and protocols will look different. The suitability of TVM with vary and this can be discussed in our initial call.

Some benefits of this work are

➤ Rebuilding vagal tone to expand your capacity to stay present with life and manage
stress in a more supportive and healthy way.

➤ Clearing patterns and energy blockages that may be limiting you, so that you have
access to more energy and vitality

➤ Finding safety within the body and your own agency so you are no longer 
seeking this externally or through the lens of trauma

➤ Regaining access to blocked emotions that are held within the subconscious. By bringing these into your awareness the lens through which you see the world shifts.

➤ Learning to express yourself more authentically and live life in a way that feels 
aligned with your desires.

➤ Create healthy and meaningful connections and community that nourish you and no longer
repeat harmful patterns of the past

➤ Access more joy, abundance and freedom within your daily life

➤ Let go of your limiting beliefs and stories that hold you back.

➤ Healing physical pain within the body

Triple Vagal Method is for those who experience:

Stress, anxiety, burnout, CPSTD, sleep disorders, blocked emotions, grief, worry, addiction, chronic pain, digestive issues, pelvic floor issues, skin disorders, chronic fatigue, paralysis by analysis, over active minds, mistrust in life, attachment wounds. 

Ultimately TVM is for anyone who is experiencing discomfort in their lives and are desiring to shift it.

TVM is for anyone ready to embark on their healing journey.

success stories

working with the triple vagal method has changed my life!

"This is something my soul has been craving for so long. {...} the sessions helped me to reach a deep state of courage within me to change major elements in my life to the better. I was no longer in fear. I feel free and liberated. I finally chose me and found self love." 

this work is just magic. 

"I've tried all kinds of different modalities, particularly energy healing.. This work is just magic. It has changed my life! I never thought it would be so easy to change your life and to transform. I didn't have to think so much. I simply don't get triggered the way I used to & I don't behave the way I used to. I found wisdom within me that I didn't know I had.

What to expect in a session.

During a Triple Vagal Method™ session we physically stimulate the nervous system to complete the trauma cycle to heal nervous system disregulation and restore safety in the body. This is applied by pressing onto the pressure points of the body to break down calcification of the fascia (connective tissue) caused by trauma to facilitate trauma transformation and rapid healing.

During this manual stimulation, the client may experience resurgence of trapped traumas as all the branches of the vagus nerve are being engaged. This may trigger many states which may include tetany, emotional release, ‘freezing’, sweating, coughing, crying, shaking, vomiting, and even mild psychedelic-like experiences of visions, colours or feelings of being out of the body.

The goal of the method is to allow the nervous system to travel through all three dominant circuits to release any incomplete cycles or trapped traumas. This also triggers the release of oxytocin and in turn builds vagal tone. Building vagal tone allows the client to eventually have a ventral circuit dominance and baseline, and smaller peaks and rapid travel between the other states.

Sessions can be done online or in person and are approximately 2 hours.

Note: if we are conducting a personal retreat or pelvic floor session - this sessions 
will be significantly longer. 

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pelvic floor sessions.

TVM™ for Pelvic Floor works with the deepest lines of fascia, unlocking life force throughout the entire body and provides access to next level healing and the deepest connection to your creative energy.

TVM Pelvic Floor sessions provide a safe and deeply healing experience where you have full control and no linear path is followed. Each session is highly unique and directly attuned to the clients needs in that moment.. Due to the high level of trust that is required for this work, TVM™ for Pelvic Floor is only available by application to clients that have already received a number of in-person TVM sessions. 

Please reach out to discuss if you are curious.

personal retreat 

Personal retreat days are an option for those who are desiring some extended sacred time to dive deep into this work together. Pelvic Floor work is a possibility here but not required.

These are custom made and designed specifically for the individual. These are a blend of TVM work along with additional modalities of healing and therapeutic work that I currently offer. 

I am willing to travel in some cases based on availability and alignment. 

Please reach out to discuss if you are curious.




For the last 6 years I have been actively pursuing various healing modalities which has brought tremendous shifting and transformation in my life. Despite the changes, I felt stuck in a certain way that no matter how safe I felt, or logically I knew things were different I could not shift a deep habitual way of reacting. I was hoping that a TVM session would be helpful. I have to say it surpassed my expectations!!! Joanna does such an amazing job to create a safe container and her depth and wisdom always amaze me. In the session I was able to have a visceral sense of safety aligning with what I know to be true today. It’s as if the TVM allow space for both of these experiences to exist together for the first time. My body released stuck energy in ways that were new and profoundly different than I ever had experienced before. I am profoundly grateful to receive this powerful session and feel my nervous system regulated in an entirely different way. I look forward to integrating these powerful shifts and additional TVM sessions to help me on my path. 


It is a deep honour to do this sacred work with you 
and I look forward to connecting 
in this way. 

Please reach out to book your session or 
with any questions you may have.

With Gratitude,

gorgeous human


You are here to rise and live an extraordinary life.

Believe it.